These 23 Black And White Animal Portraits By Lukas Holas Are Just Mesmerizing

black and white animal portraits feat (1)

There are these black and white photos hanging at a coffee shop in my town. They’re terrible if I’m being honest. For the longest time, I couldn’t quite put my finger on why they were so terrible. I stare at them and scowl at them every time I go to that coffee shop.

Thanks to Luke Holas, I’ve finally figured out why they suck so bad. Holas’ black and white photos of animals have everything the coffee shop photos don’t. There are clean lines, a black background, and these photos don’t need color. They’re amazing without it.

I’m not a photography expert. I’m not even close. But from my experience, if you’re going to take a black and white photo, there shouldn’t be a whole lot going on in it. If there’s too much going on, the viewer loses sight of the subject. A beautiful and powerful lion would get lost in the background of a plain black and white photo.

“Animals are a matter of my heart” is the brief description that Holas gave of his portraits of Animals collection. And he doesn’t need to explain any further than that. Those 7 words explain why the animals are the center of attention in his photos. He wouldn’t dare tarnish their beauty by letting them blend into a busy, gray background.

Take a look at some of his photos here or go to his Behance portfolio to view more.

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