Adorable Therapy Dog Mojito Brings Different Toy To Bed Each Night

therapy dog brings toy to bed every night feat (1)

Dogs are so much like kids, it’s hilarious. And even more adorable. When I was a kid I used to line up all my toys at the foot of my bed to sleep with at night. This therapy dog does something quite similar.

Each night Mojito brings a different toy to bed with her. She searches the house carefully looking for the perfect toy to sleep with that night.

She has all the toys any dog could ever wish for. Her mom, Kim Downie, has a Bark Box delivered every month with new toys in it. So I can understand why Mojito is so careful about which toys she brings to bed. When you have that many, it can be hard to choose.

Scientists say that dogs have neophilia. They prefer new things. But not all dog owners want to spend the money to buy their dog new toys all the time. So you can trick your dog into thinking an old toy is new by adding a new scent to it. Or you can hide an old toy from your dog for a while so that when you bring it back out they’ll think it’s new.

Take a look at the pictures of this adorable pooch and her stuffed companions. Leave all your “aww’s” in the comments section.

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