41 Cats Who Forgot How To Cat And Just Failed As Animals

cats who forgot how to cat feat (1)

Cat’s are weird creatures. They sleep in weird ways and they’re very particular about how you pet them. They’re beautiful domestic creatures with adorable little faces. They make us want to hug them and cuddle them so bad but they’re often the hardest animals to get close to. They’ll expose their bellies and make you think they’re going to let you pet them. Then in an instant they’re clawing at your hands.

The only consolation we get it that they’re really entertaining. Just watching them exist can be hilarious. But sometimes they do things that make us think they just don’t know how to cat. It’s times like that that make us laugh oh so loud. Take a look at these hilarious photos of cats who just forgot how to cat. Tell us what you think in the comments section. Share your cat pictures too, if you have any.

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