29 Adorable Guilty Dogs Who Always Get Away With Everything

guilty dogs feat (1)

I love when pets do something wrong and you get to look at them and say in that condescending voice “did you do this?” In a way, it’s kind of sad. Because you can tell a lot of animals feel real remorse when you catch them doing something wrong. But they’re so cute when they’re sorry and giving you that guilty dogs face

Sometimes they don’t even look sorry. Sometimes they just look at you as if to say “yeah, I did it. But it was worth it cause I had so much fun.” It’s so hard to get mad at an animal when they do something wrong. Their behavior, when you catch them in the act, can be so adorable and downright hilarious.

Take a look at some of these pets, caught red-handed (or should I say red-pawed?) and tell us what you think. Have you ever caught your pet doing a bad thing? Were they sorry for doing the bad thing? Also, do share pictures if you have any. Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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