24 Funny Fox Pictures That Will Make You Fall In Love With Them

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Beautiful redheads in red coats with long, soft, fluffy tails – foxes, of course! Their charm is undeniable and irresistible. They’re so special it’s no wonder that many cultures have folk stories spun around these magical creatures. And nowadays we’re witnesses of foxes being members of families, just like pets.

Most of the time gingers among foxes are the first on our minds when we think of them, but there are also beautiful white foxes, maybe even more mysterious and charming than their red cousin the common red woodland fox. The arctic fox adapted to the special conditions that she leaves under, among others things, with a color of her fur which is snow-white and looks just amazing.

All foxes originate from the same family as dogs and wolves – the Canidae family. Soviet scientist Dmitri Belyaev was working on domestication process of foxes. After 50 years of a careful selective breeding (choosing foxes who have less fear of human) he managed to provide foxes that began to exhibit domestic traits like floppy ears, tail wagging and spotted coats. Also, we have an example of a fox who is very happy living a family life. She is famous internet figure nowadays and her name is Juniper .

In this gallery of funny fox pictures, you can admire foxes’ charm captured in sweet moments of playing, resting, curiosity…Enjoy!

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