22 Baby Boxers Images That Will Give Your Heart a Knock Out

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Are you thinking about getting a Boxer puppy as a new addition to your family? If you are, you should learn everything you can about the baby boxers breed first.

It’s important to know that this breed requires a lot of care. Most pure breeds come with some inherent health problems. Boxers are no exception. They need regular exercise to stay healthy, but not in extreme heat. Boxers are more prone to heat stroke than most other breeds.

Exercise needs are different for Boxers at different ages. Baby Boxers and young adults do well with a good romp around the back yard and they love to jump around. Middle-aged Boxers and those who are generally low energy usually need a nice long walk.

As puppies, training is a must to control their natural rambunctious behavior. Puppies and young adult Boxers have tons of energy. Middle aged Boxers are more calm and dignified and make excellent life long companions. Although, unfortunately, they don’t live long.

Though Boxers generally get along with family members and other pets, they can sometimes be aggressive toward other dogs of the same sex and some even chase cats.

The Boxer is a proud and sensitive breed.They need to be handled in an upbeat, persuasive way. They tend to sulk and refuse to do anything when you jerk them around. As would any human if you pushed them around too much.

So if you’re still having trouble deciding, maybe these photos will help.

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