19 Cat And Mouse Friends Examples That Will Make You Believe In Love Again

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Aww, Tom and Jerry finally stopped fighting and became cat and mouse friends. The only reason a cat would be okay with cuddling with a rat or a mouse is if they’re well fed. A spoiled kitty with a full tummy is more likely to cuddle its prey than try to kill it and eat it. Unless it’s a lizard. They would be more likely to kill a lizard. They only wanted to play with it but the poor guy was just too little to survive.

If you think about it, cats and rodents aren’t all that different. Or at least, kittens and rodents. They’re both small and furry. Actually, that’s kind of all they have in common. Just make sure you’re feeding your cat well. If you forget to feed them one day they might end up eating their little squeaky buddy instead of being best friends.

And of course, the internet is overflowing with pictures of cats and mouse friends. Take a look at these adorable kitties and their adorable rodent best friends. Let us know what you think in the comments section. Would you trust your cat not to eat your pet rat or a mouse?

1. Not sure if this cat is hugging the mouse or just trying to kill it

cat and mouse friends (1)

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